A new laugh out loud multi-ethnic situation comedy!


The Community Centre!

A new laugh out loud multi-ethnic situation comedy!


Written by Nicola Gardner

Add some Caribbean flavour, a pinch of Bob Marley & a shake of Afro-beat, season with a dash of youth, stir for at least an hour &

What have you got? A comic caper about community cavorting! 

The Community Centre rocks, it's alive with loud voices, raucous laughter and dominoes slamming onto tables - Calypso music provides the soundtrack for this melting pot of shameless shenanigans!

The Community Centre Triumphant Tour!

August 2019

We smashed it! With fantastic audiences in Manchester, Preston & Edinburgh, The Community Centre Tour was a great success! Reviews were outstanding, just click on these links to read a few......




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An Idea Is Born

The Community Centre was a successful, Arts Council funded theatre show in Manchester in 2016 at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation. So, what's it about? It's about life in a local community hub, full of hilarious stories about the people who go there and the people who run it. Think of Desmond's mixed together with One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest combined with Fawlty Towers - all set in a multi-ethnic community centre!

The Community Centre Rocks!

The African Receptionist & White Rasta Caretaker are the cornerstones of this maniacal ambience, the 4 Caribbean pensioners just take tings nice & slow..........

Meet the community farm workers who are singles determined to mingle - Oh and remember to buckle up, The Community Centre experience is one hell of ride!

The Community Centre is an original, diverse, feel-good, laugh a minute Theatre & future TV show! 

What our reviewers are saying

I thought this was a really nice comic piece, with a wonderful mix of characters. I think the script has many wonderful qualities. It’s lovely to see a script with such a wide range of characters and even though the cast is large, each character is well drawn and individual. There were some great funny moments too - it certainly did feel fresh and different.

Charlotte Riches, Development Prod​ucer, BBC​ Radio 4