The Community Centre!

Hello and welcome to The Community Centre! It’s a living, breathing entity. Based in the heart of the community, the centre opens its doors every day at 9am sharp(ish). As the doors open, we’re drawn into a tardis like super structure and all life is here. The community centre rocks, it’s alive with loud voices, raucous laughter and dominoes being slammed down triumphantly. Cheerful calypso music provides the soundtrack for this chaotic, crazy comfort station.

The Community Centre is the lifeblood of downtown Manchester, the heart in a heartless place, where Windrush generation elders can go to save money on their fuel bills and where loafers can skive off work.

Under resourced yet well attended, it's the central meeting point of the community, a cultural melting pot run by a power-hungry, Mugabe quoting African Receptionist. Using the reception as her soap box, her decrees and personal life are issued on the centre’s tannoy. Her dubious second in command is a white Rastafarian Caretaker who wears fake dreadlocks and sings Bob Marley songs.

The show is a day in the life of the community centre and tomorrow will be another similar day for the regulars. But the 4 Caribbean pensioners have their world rocked when the Windrush scandal arrives at their doorstep. They’re being asked to prove their citizenship, but wait a minute, they are British citizens aren’t they? Well not according to the Conservative government. They have to prove they’re citizens if they want to stay in the UK, the place they've called home for over half a century. The community centre lounge becomes headquarters for their ‘fight back’ group – The Windrush Warriors! Black lives matter is also explored, allowing a hilarious capitalization on current global tensions - comedy rules are meant to be broken! It's a socially conscious dramedy which embraces untouchable subjects and speaks to current events.

A successful stage show with a great theatre track record since 2016, The Community Centre is ready to reach the next stage as an original TV comedy series. There is social commentary in there – but we make it chucklesome and the series shows that there can be  comedy in crisis. The goal is simply to make people laugh.

There are 6 episodes written and ready to be filmed. The episodes are 30 minutes in length. The series is currently being considered for radio. Contact the show’s writer Nicola Gardner to discuss this production opportunity.